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SUMMER - Recreation Department Policy

The Recreation Director and lifeguards have the authority to confiscate any Recreation pass that is misused. The Director, lifeguards and staff have the authority to ask patrons to leave the premises if rules are not followed. It is up to the discretion of the Director, if and when, the pass is returned.

Participation in all Recreation Department programs is at the registrant’s own risk.

NO CHILD aged 12 or younger should be dropped off at the pool. All children should be under the supervision of an adult. It is the responsibility of that adult to watch the child/children in and/or out of the water.

Patrons should communicate any concerns to the Recreation Director or Head Guard.

Staff will not escort children from one class to another, unless the child is enrolled in either the Half Day or All Day Programs.

In inclement weather, the pool and Eagle Lake will open at the discretion of the Recreation Director. When thunder and lightning are evident, no one will be allowed in the water until 30 minutes after the last clap of thunder.

Classes may be canceled due to the weather. Every effort will be made not to cancel.

An $8.00 fee will be applied for transferring a child from any class, session or time from the original registration.